Kicking Out Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt wasn’t something I often struggled with until recently.  Now I seem to struggle with it all of the time. Having a demanding work schedule along with my responsibility to my photography clients, writing and my role as Municipal Liaison (ML) for my regional NaNoWriMo, has left me with not a lot of quality time.  That isContinue reading “Kicking Out Mommy Guilt”

Running on Fumes: On “Barely Doing it”

I was encouraged to participate in a blog link party sponsored by “How Do You Do it” after commenting on Twitter that I could write about barely doing it and advice on just coping and getting by in motherhood and life.  You can see the tweet below. The reason I responded like that was becauseContinue reading “Running on Fumes: On “Barely Doing it””