Sorries, Goodbyes and Oatmeal

Dear Friend, I didn’t mean to go away. At the time of my whirlwind of self-involved disappointment, I missed seeing that this would be your last year. When I finally woke up from my frazzle tizzy rat-race life, I was weeks too late. You were already on your way out, one foot out the door.Continue reading “Sorries, Goodbyes and Oatmeal”

Kicking Out Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt wasn’t something I often struggled with until recently.  Now I seem to struggle with it all of the time. Having a demanding work schedule along with my responsibility to my photography clients, writing and my role as Municipal Liaison (ML) for my regional NaNoWriMo, has left me with not a lot of quality time.  That isContinue reading “Kicking Out Mommy Guilt”

Rude Drivers and Elevator Etiquette

To the man who raised his hands in exasperation to me while driving today, Sir, I don’t know what you wanted.  I was waiting to turn left into 8th Street Family Video and you were in a long string of on-coming traffic.   You slowed down and flashed your lights at me… but you didn’t slowContinue reading “Rude Drivers and Elevator Etiquette”