Got My Swag

My D.C. Swag came in today. Now it’s time to start packing! I’m starting to get excited, but with the running around for kids-I’m feeling a bit rushed. 

I’ll try to get my packing started tonight while listening to Betsy DeVos– I can only hear it-but I know there has been a concern of her record and support for those reporting sexual assault. There has been a “Dear Betsy” campaign on YouTube from survivors.  She was just questioned about this. This is only one of many concerning things about her. Oh, and grizzly bears. 

Well now I’m just delaying my packing- time to get to work! Gotta get started because  I have a bunch of This Pussy Grabs Back necklaces to make and not a lot of time. 

Getting Ready for D.C.

Hi friends and family! Some of you may know I am planning to attend the D.C. Women’s March next week. I decided to use this platform to help you follow along.

I’m going to start blogging about our planning and process and micro-blogging our road trip and march experience. It likely will not be eloquent- but I will do my best.

Yesterday my lovely friend Sarah Jane and I were interviewed by a company that owns 30-40 local television news stations around the country- to discuss why we are going to the march and what we hope to gain from going. I’ll post the segment once it airs, our lovely filmaker ask great questions and we talked for about an hour so I hope there are at least 30 seconds where I’ll sound semi intelligent.

For the segment they asked to film us making our signs. We spent almost three hours talking and making signs with our children. He asked the kids some good questions (not sure if that will air) and we had a lot of fun.

I haven’t done a whole lot of planning. We are leaving early Thursday and driving in to D.C.  Sarah Jane has family in town so we will stay there. That is the extent of my planning for now. Oh, and I decided which shoes to wear! It’s supposed to be warm and hopefully not wet-so running shoes will be it! No boots! Yay!

Below are our signs. On the other side of the rainbow (yes I did just say that) is the American Flag. Because that flag belongs to us all. I think I’ll also make something that says Compassionate Laws, Not Walls – or something to represent the Christian Left.

But for now, we’re set!

And I also made this necklace. I think I’m going to make a lot more to give away in D.C.

Goodnight my friends, family (even those of you boiling with anger. I love you-just close your eyes and look the other way)

Story Starters

It’s October and that means it is time to start thinking about NaNoWriMo! If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, check out this post.  This year I’m spending October working with some Middle School students who are going to try their hand at writing a book during NaNo and one of our sessions is Story Starters.  If you don’t have an idea for November yet, if you are stuck and don’t know where to go, here you go!  A gift from me to you.  Some images, words and ideas to help send a muse your way!

Plot fodder:

  1. At birth everyone has the date of their death tattooed on their arm, you were supposed to die yesterday.
  2. While researching your family tree you come across a name that has been blacked out.
  3. Every person is born with a twin. One is evil and one is good. Your twin died at birth; the government isn’t sure which one your are. they make their best guess and send you to one of the territories when you turn 16, they choose wrong, how do you proceed? thanks to Sacha Black for the first three.
  4. A guy is transported through a wormhole to another planet that’s ruled by potatoes.- TCWriMo Suzy
  5. Who are they, what is around them, what motivated them to be there, are they together looking one way or are they separate looking in. Oddly enough it’s the smallest details that make the difference.-TCWriMo James
  6. Four kids in a tent after dark. No adults. A loud, unknown noise occurs. What happens next? -TCWriMo Cari
  7. A person/kid is in a locker room changing when they notice another person in the room has the exact uniquely shaped scar in the exact same place as them. -Jacque

Below are some images to trigger a thought.  Think about the What, Why, When, Where, Who and How. Let your imagination go wild. Click on the photo to see it more closely.

Good luck creating your story!  Stay tuned for some periodic posts about getting prepped for the craziness of November!

Asking for Help

Help-I-need-somebodyDay Three of the Do Over challenge tells you to actually ask for help. I have a lot to post about the topic of asking for help. In fact, one of the few famous people that I would gnaw my arm off to meet wrote an entire book about it. The Art of Asking. I stumbled across a signed copy in our local bookstore and bought one for me, then later got one for my sister-in-law. I haven’t had a chance to begin reading it yet, I will start it after I am done with Stephen King’s writing book. But I’ve seen her Ted Talk on the topic and I can only imagine how good the book is.


Back to the whole “asking”- I have asked my husband to help cheer for me but have also asked my sister Judi, one of the most goal focused people I know, to help as well. I think she is participating so perhaps we can help each other. I also offered to be a partner to anyone who needs me in the 30 Days of Hustle FB group.

With today being Sunday, I spent most of it being productive for the week.  I braved a snowy blistery day to get groceries, cleaned, even packed lunches for the kids. And now I’m going to take a nice hot bath and read the book Twice Shy, found below.  A friend was reading it and sent me a note to ask me if I had written it and not told her.  Ha ha!  Figured it should be a quick fun read.  I’ll let you know.  I did not sit around and think about writing as an art or ponder needless words, I didn’t have the time.  I also won’t have the time to work on Soulstone, the book I started in November.  But I believe reading fiction counts as my 10 minutes of Do Over stuff because reading other writers is part of learning about writing.  Plus I spent at least 10 minutes typing this.  So there.