She is Fierce!


This is a photo from our recent family vacation.  It was dusk and the kids were wild so we took them out to the beach to run.  The boys headed into the water to play while my daughter dashed back and forth trying to dodge the crashing waves.

She is a little handful.  She is smart, sassy and regardless of how pretty she is, she gives the best stink-eye ever.  This girl loves to play with her friends and when her friends are not around, she will make friends.  She is not picky.   It can be an old lady, the check-out person at the store or a gaggle of first grade boys.  But more than making friends, I think she is looking for an audience.  Those weeks when she continually gets on the color red, or has the “sad crayon” note come home from school, her teacher shakes her head and with a resigned look she says,  “She’s just going to grow up to be on television, I’m convinced.” she smiles.

The one thing I worry about her is that she is a bit of a chameleon.  If her friend is afraid of water, she will pretend to be afraid of water (if that friend is older or has a bigger personality).  She goes along, picks up on irritating habits from the boys and is all around impressionable.  But she is five.  I guess all kids are impressionable.

I’ve been talking to her about being her own person and I hope that she’ll listen.  Clearly she is a bit too young to really understand, but so long as we keep talking about it, I hope she will take my lesson to heart.  Especially since I’m a self proclaimed “non-conformist” and have been forever, I hoping my daughter will grow to be the same.  It kept me away from drugs, alcohol and most negative influences.  I want her to grow into an independent, smart girl who thinks for herself.

She is my wild crazy fierce little girl and I love her.  I only hope she doesn’t age me too quickly.

Late Night Brain Gumbo

This is an amalgam of junk to let you know what I’m up to.

10462685_10204263285481276_1989088285275678597_nBrain Gumbo.  Let’s start with the fact that I am stupid?  I’m dumb because I try to do too much.  Like all the time.  My new job requires longer hours AND some nights too.  Like three nights last week.  But I also thought it was a good idea to take on a few photo shoots, because… well, I like to do it and I like the people so win win, right?  I guess I forgot my schedule changed so everything is taking me twice as long to turn in.  Good thing for me the clients like me and that them waiting one week versus a few days isn’t so bad.  I will keep doing photos periodically through the summer, but maybe next time I won’t schedule them back to back again.

Something weird has been happening too.  For the last three nights both my husband and I have woken up in the middle of the night.  And stayed awake.  For no good reason.  So I’m constantly tired through the day.  I had a goal of running every morning but what i’ve managed to do it whine and complain and roll over and actually fall asleep while talking to my husband- every morning.  This morning a lovely friend planned on meeting me for a run at 6:15.  I faithfully set my alarm for 5:50 and promptly slept through it.  Jim woke me up at 6:11 am and asked me what time I was supposed to get up.  I don’t think I ever got out the door so fast.  I got there in 10 minutes and was able to have a great run with a friend.  The photo of the sunrise at the beach was taken from my run this morning.

Sorry it’s disjointed, remember, this is a too spicy over-cooked gumbo of my life right now.



Last weekend I did a few photo shoots.  I did a family shoot with four generations present, a little girl slumber party, a beach wedding and reception and a family session between the beach wedding and reception.  I am posting a photo from that shoot here, I like it.  It’s dreamy and whimsical.

I’ve started to read again.  It’s been so long since I’ve read anything that I can’t even remember the last book I read.  I do know that I’ve been trying to read Raven Boys for the last few months, I’ve renewed it like 3 times and never got past the first page.  However our family has decided that we need to make reading more important and I need to quiet my brain before bed.  So I’d like to happily report that I have finished chapter 1!  Yay!

What is everyone else reading?

Jim is reading something from the Mallorean series, an excellent series that takes place after the Belgariad and follows many of the same main characters.  What is the Belgariad you may ask?  This, my friend, is the series that originated the quote “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.” NOT Elder Scrolls or whatever.  The Belgariad was published in the early 80s so WAY before Elder Scrolls.  The book is a smarter sort of more grown up version of what Percy Jackson is… but that doesn’t even describe it.  You follow a young boy with a secret past and weird secret amazing band of friends as he pursues his destiny and fights a most horrible evil.  There is some romance, lots of magic, sword fighting, berserker viking and an evil God.  What more could you want?

Kindred is reading something new called Gods and Warriors, I’ll let you know how he likes it.

Sawyer is reading Sorcerers Stone, for those of you that have been living under a rock, and my sister Judi, this is the first Harry Potter book.

Eden is being read the book  Socks by Beverly Cleary.  So far she has found it amusing and it is time we get to have together before bed.  I realized however that our library has a very old copy with scratchy illustrations and there is an updated version with more fun and interesting drawings so I might see if I can get a newer copy.

And now it is past midnight and I’m sitting here waiting forever because Flickr keep boinking while I try to upload the photo sets from last weekend.  Clearly it hates me.  And to get back at it I’ve eaten exactly 6 cookies-the little ones you buy at the store, but still cookies all the same…. I think I just undid my entire run.

And there you have it.  Can you feel the brain cells leaving you while reading this junk?



Killer Artist


Meet Gabe Clark.  Gabe is an artist, graphic designer, musician and all around good guy.  He’s been incredibly helpful to me these last few years, advising me on my book cover art, helping with fonts and soon will be providing illustration for each chapter of Second Chance Key.

Some of you may or may not know, but I also dabble in photography.  You can find my site here.  Gabe recently launched his new website and asked if I could get some shots of him for it.  Of course he was thinking something professional, maybe in an office with his computer and drawing tools.  However I was thinking… “What if you are standing in the woods, you’re holding a paintbrush like a weapon and your face looks like you just killed someone.”  Not real practical, but as I mentioned, he’s an “all around good guy” so he totally humored me.  Humoring me is sort of a prerequisite for being my friend.

The photo above is my favorite of the Killer Artist series.  After this shot I said “we should probably leave because I’m pretty sure the cops will be here in about five minutes.” Thanks to a nosy old man oogling us.  He actually asked if we had graffiti-ed the water tower.  Um…no…

If you’re a writer and you’re looking for an excellent artist, graphic designer, someone to help with cover art or just to get a pair of professional eyes to tell you your font is off center, Gabe is your guy.  And just in case his Killer Artist portrait worries you that he only spends his time drawing severed heads, here’s a great shot of him as he normally looks.  With a smile.