I am filled with a boiling rage.  If you don’t know why then read this and take your pick.

My Aussi friend asked me where I was going to flee.  At first I said I was going by way of Canada since I have friends who will take me in.  But then I said that I was not going to go (obviously we were joking) because we are massive.  We, all those of us who marched in the streets around this country, we are bigger.  We must fight, we have two years to to get our voice into a position of power.  So I stay and fight.  You fight too! Find your local political party and get involved, educate your friends and young people about inclusion and how to be an ally and how to just be a caring and compassionate individuals.

Fie is the word that screamed in my head.  It is used to register disgust or outrage, or in my case-both.  And I am angry.  So angry that I need to stop writing for fear of saying things out of emotion instead of intellect. I’ve already written and erased several ranting paragraphs.  So instead, I am going to remind you of this.  How we felt, what Obama gave us when he was elected.  Hope and inspiration.  We can still hold on to this. I think many of us agreed we became complacent once Obama made it in.  We took for granted that our country moved forward.  We couldn’t imagine it would fall backward so much.  So harshly.  So – constant vigilance, my friends.  Yes we can! Don’t give up.  We can do this!

Now What?

As we drove into the state of Michigan, from a sea of pink hats to a dense fog of red voters, I wondered what would be next. Would I have the courage to wear my hat and pins proudly without my pink brothers and sisters beside me? Where would I find my infusion of Fight the Man?  Would I  come home without a plan?

This morning I woke in a funk, the fog outside still lingering around to remind me of the lack of clarity I felt for our future. What was next?

I didn’t want to do anything- just sleep. But I decided to work out and while I did I had a great text convo with a friend who was also in a funk. She didn’t feel like working out either-she’d been watching coverage and the press conference and feeling disheartened.

I told her to guck Trump! (Thank you autocorrect) and that I didn’t stand for four hours in a sea of flesh and pink hats so Trump could make her fat and lazy. I was trying to be funny but it sparked a great “What’s Next” chat. And it distracted me from the fact I was working out.

Let me just tell you. Something is next. Something is coming down the pipes and we are over one million strong. We are legion upon legion. Compared to us, legion is tiny.

Day one-ready to kick ass.

If you don’t know what to do next has some ideas. And find out when/where your next meeting is. I saw this in FB-volunteer to organize it. Find your people and get together to make our world a world we can be proud of. Proud on everyone’s behalf.

And for you non-FB people -here is my D.C. Wrap up video. Maybe it’ll help fire you up.

Vast Sea of Humanity

We are the popular vote! 

What an amazing day! I don’t know what media is saying, but this is a vast movement of human beings fighting for human rights. And not just here. 

I don’t know the count yet, but it has got to have been over 500,000. Men, women, children, LGBTQ young, old, people of all color.  I don’t know what the media is saying about yesterday- but there was barely anyone here for Trump. It was pink hats everywhere. 

My cell signal was non existent but at one point an alert got through from WA Post saying the march was canceled due to the size of the crowd. Yeah- that didn’t happen. The march took over and headed past Trump’s Hotel (stopping to chant SHAME! and Booo!) then headed to the whitehouse. 

Everywhere- everywhere- people standing, marching and shouting for equality. 

Art of Tea (and friend ) Making 

It’s the end of our day – we are chilling and getting ready to head to bed. 

We found ladies at DuPont Circle who are organizers for their state – they told us where Michigan was meeting up- and we got pictures. 

Then we headed to the Women’s Democratic Clubhouse where we got free Make America Gracious again hats. There we ran into a woman who saw us talking to the bikers in Krispy Kreme. They were from Tennessee and we talked at length about what was next for our country. She had her young adult daughters with her, we told them they had an important role to play. 

Later we ran into some older ladies with Pussycat hats that seemed lost. They had just arrived from OK and were a tiny bit lost. A local woman came up to us, because of our hats, and offered to help us. She sent Oklahoma on their way and walked us to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner. We hugged and she went on her way. 

Our Moroccan waiter was so gracious and likable. He spent a great deal of time explaining to us the importance of making tea properly. Then we had some pretty amazing tea. The food was good as well. 

At the end of the day Sarah Jane said, “this has been a really great day!” Then caught herself and corrected, “and a really horrible day”.

All in all, all I’ve felt so far is copious amounts of love. Women & men all over the place wearing pink hats and waving from windows. Yelling hello and talking to us through their restaurant windows – showing off their shirts and thumbs upping our hats and buttons. This city is full of life and purpose, and hope too I think. 

(Below) Donkey display at the Dem Clubhouse 

Free poster from the Women’s Dem Clubhouse

Unsure if this Tom Foolery or a dire warning, but we saw this!

The little tea pot at the restaurant