The Maybe Magical Marketplace

Maybe Magic? What does that mean? These items are made for people who aren’t sure by someone who is also not sure but figures it couldn’t hurt. Items are made with love and intention.

Beauty products I’ve created a line of unique and thoughtful products to purchase for yourself or a friend. Handmade soaps, perfume oil blends, balms, room/mask sprays, bath salts, and scrubs, all blended with carefully selected essential oils to give you that extra magic you need to get you through the day. Each one is made with care, purpose, and intent. Stay tuned for updates on signature scents.

Mourning Candles It times of grief and loss it’s often hard to know what to do or say to help. These candles are handmade with pieces of Lavender and Rosemary to help provide the igniter a soft remembrance of their lost loved one. Place near a photo of your beloved, light the candle, and spend some time with their memory. Customization may be available.

Tarotpy: Therapeutic Tarot

I believe using the messages available in Tarot help us dig deeper into what it is we seek, need to learn, and where to go. I have found it to be an effective tool in opening meaningful discussion and helping the querent find understanding and hope. Even hard lessons in the tarot come with action and promise.

If you’re interested in working together or purchasing an items, please contact me for more information.

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