Asking for Help

Help-I-need-somebodyDay Three of the Do Over challenge tells you to actually ask for help. I have a lot to post about the topic of asking for help. In fact, one of the few famous people that I would gnaw my arm off to meet wrote an entire book about it. The Art of Asking. I stumbled across a signed copy in our local bookstore and bought one for me, then later got one for my sister-in-law. I haven’t had a chance to begin reading it yet, I will start it after I am done with Stephen King’s writing book. But I’ve seen her Ted Talk on the topic and I can only imagine how good the book is.


Back to the whole “asking”- I have asked my husband to help cheer for me but have also asked my sister Judi, one of the most goal focused people I know, to help as well. I think she is participating so perhaps we can help each other. I also offered to be a partner to anyone who needs me in the 30 Days of Hustle FB group.

With today being Sunday, I spent most of it being productive for the week.  I braved a snowy blistery day to get groceries, cleaned, even packed lunches for the kids. And now I’m going to take a nice hot bath and read the book Twice Shy, found below.  A friend was reading it and sent me a note to ask me if I had written it and not told her.  Ha ha!  Figured it should be a quick fun read.  I’ll let you know.  I did not sit around and think about writing as an art or ponder needless words, I didn’t have the time.  I also won’t have the time to work on Soulstone, the book I started in November.  But I believe reading fiction counts as my 10 minutes of Do Over stuff because reading other writers is part of learning about writing.  Plus I spent at least 10 minutes typing this.  So there.


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