Yes, another food post.   I know, I know, this post should be about writing somehow.  But food has been somewhat interesting lately, or really, not that interesting.  It’s fairly restrictive, so I’m looking for ways to satisfy my chocolate carb cravings without going off protocol.  Janeva from my Ideal Protein board is constantly making wonderful concoctions in her kitchen and this lovely cake is one of them.  She wasn’t able to post the recipe on the board or on Pinterest because it was too long so I am posting it here for her.  That way it can be pinned and found by other dieters 🙂  and yes, I realize this has nothing to do with writing.  I promise I will start blogging about writing soon, tonight even!  But not right now because I have to wrestle my three little monkeys into cleaning up their Christmas mess and pretend I don’t see all the chocolate and cookies littering my house.  And perhaps people looking for a low-carb treat will happen across my post here then wander around to and see my book and become interested.  But until then- LET’S HAVE CAKE!


1 – IP Cappuccino Drink Mix (dry)
1 – IP Dark Chocolate Pudding Mix (dry)
2 – IP Crispy Cereal (dry)
1 T. Baking powder
2 Packets Stevia (approx. 1 tsp.)
Pinch of IP Salt
2/3 C. Egg Beaters
2 T. Skim Milk
1 T. + 1 tsp. Extra Light Olive oil
1 T. Sugar Free Hazelnut Coffee Syrup (ie- Torani’s or DaVinci’s)
2 T. IP Cappuccino Premade Drink (the liquid kind)
1 tsp. Almond Extract

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Blend DRY ingredients in a bullet/blender/ninja to pulverize (or pre-crush cereal with a rolling pin and mix all dry ingredients well.) Place in a med to large mixing bowl.
3. Add the rest of the wet ingredients and mix with a spatula till combined.
4. Generously spray two oven-proof 5” glass Pyrex bowls with Pam (I use Coconut Pam but any should do.)
5. Divide batter in half and place each ½ in the bowls. Generously spray the back of a large spoon to pat down evenly. (I spray the back of the spoon with every single pat or the batter will stick to the spoon.)
6. Bake @ 350 for 15-17 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes clean. Do not over bake or it will be dry.
7. When cake is finished baking, immediately run a knife around the bowl to loosen – it should come out easily if you sprayed the bowls well – take out of bowls and put on a cooling rack. Cool completely.


2 oz. Tofutti (this is a soy imitation cream cheese)
2 T. WF Marshmallow Dip
1 T. WF Chocolate Syrup
1 T. IP Cappuccino Drink Mix (dry) – (if you don’t want to open a packet you can use cocoa powder. I have open packets to use for flavoring in other IP recipes and frostings.)
1 IP Chocolate Soy Puffs
1 IP Peanut Butter Soy Puffs

1. In a small/medium bowl, stir together the Tofutti, marshmallow dip, chocolate syrup and dry cappuccino mix just until blended.
2. With an electric hand beater, beat 1 minute (to fluff.)
3. Store in refrigerator until cake is completely cooled.


1. Place cooled cake rounds on work surface.
2. While still in their bags, lightly tap a meat cleaver onto both soy puff packages to break apart. (Doing this lightly will keep some whole and some crushed.) Open packets and put in a bowl, mix.
3. Divide frosting mix evenly in half. Frost one cake round with ½ the frosting mixture. Sprinkle ½ the Soy Puff mixture on top.
4. Mix together the remaining frosting with the Soy puff mixture and frost the other cake round. This one will be the bottom half.
5. Place the other half on top.

Enjoy! ~ janeva eickhoff

There are 2 Unrestricted and 1 Restricted in HALF the cake. So on your birthday you could cut the cake in half and have 1/3 of that for breakfast with a coffee, 1/3 for lunch with a big mixed salad, 1/3 for dessert after dinner. Then do it again the next day with the other half of the cake .
Since we can have 5 extras per day on Phase One protocol (sweeteners, WF, sf gum, etc), you will have to count those into this and if you want to do protocol to a ‘T’ I wouldn’t have any extras this day. Having said that, there is Tofutti in the frosting, it is a soy based cream cheese. There are 2 carbs in ½ the entire frosting, 5 grams of fat. I see a birthday as a special day and I don’t believe this will throw you out of ketosis, it will just add a few more fat grams and a few more calories. One special day hasn’t affected my weight loss. If you should decide to forgo the Tofutti in the frosting, just use some extra WF Marshmallow Dip in place of it. It will NOT be as good though!

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