10 Day Do Over Challenge

My husband found this guy, Jon Acuff, on Twitter that he sort of loves.  Like, LOVES loves.  To the point that my husband got a little butt-hurt when Jon Acuff acknowledged me on Twitter, when my husband has been following him for years. YEARS!! (imagine fist shaking and teeth gnashing). Jon Acuff is a motivational sort of person, I mentioned him in my Fear No Monday post, and now my husband has me paying attention to his 10 Day Do Over Challenge.

In the pdf he sends you he explains you spend 10 days focusing on that one thing for at least 10 minutes each day.  Choose something big, choose something small.  Whatever you want. Check it out, join me- leave a comment on how you spent your ten minutes each day and we’ll see what we think after 10 days.  Click to sign up and then begin on day one.

For me today is day one.  It started simple.  He asks you to finish the following sentence.  “One thing I’d like to Do Over is_________________?”

I decided I would like to do over some of my education/college days and more specifically, focused more on learning more about writing.  I want to read more, ramp up my writing skills and put them to use.  Interestingly enough, today the UPS man brought me a book I’ve been wanting to read on the subject of writing.  It’s called On Writing by Stephen King and I’ve heard good things 🙂

So I plan to read it, think about writing, focus on being a better and more purposeful writer and blogging about it.  I’m hoping this will prime my brain to be focused more on working towards a dream and a passion for 2015 and less on the fact that I’m not writing full time 🙂

See you tomorrow!


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