Killer Artist


Meet Gabe Clark.  Gabe is an artist, graphic designer, musician and all around good guy.  He’s been incredibly helpful to me these last few years, advising me on my book cover art, helping with fonts and soon will be providing illustration for each chapter of Second Chance Key.

Some of you may or may not know, but I also dabble in photography.  You can find my site here.  Gabe recently launched his new website and asked if I could get some shots of him for it.  Of course he was thinking something professional, maybe in an office with his computer and drawing tools.  However I was thinking… “What if you are standing in the woods, you’re holding a paintbrush like a weapon and your face looks like you just killed someone.”  Not real practical, but as I mentioned, he’s an “all around good guy” so he totally humored me.  Humoring me is sort of a prerequisite for being my friend.

The photo above is my favorite of the Killer Artist series.  After this shot I said “we should probably leave because I’m pretty sure the cops will be here in about five minutes.” Thanks to a nosy old man oogling us.  He actually asked if we had graffiti-ed the water tower.  Um…no…

If you’re a writer and you’re looking for an excellent artist, graphic designer, someone to help with cover art or just to get a pair of professional eyes to tell you your font is off center, Gabe is your guy.  And just in case his Killer Artist portrait worries you that he only spends his time drawing severed heads, here’s a great shot of him as he normally looks.  With a smile.


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