Someone’s Poisoned the Waterhole

This last few years have been less than ideal.  And before I start my little ranting post I want to preface with my Perspective Acknowledgement – Yes, I get it.  I’m lucky in a lot of ways.  I am healthy, I am able bodied, I have many luxuries and securities that so many people don’t. Continue reading “Someone’s Poisoned the Waterhole”

Science of Happiness- Session one

I’m taking this class on The Science of Happiness through EdX..because I am stupid, I guess.  And I need one more thing I have to do besides work, mother, wife, write and photograph people.  Did I also mention I’m the new Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo’s newly created Grand Traverse Region?  More evidence that not onlyContinue reading “Science of Happiness- Session one”