Science of Happiness- Session one

I’m taking this class on The Science of Happiness through EdX..because I am stupid, I guess.  And I need one more thing I have to do besides work, mother, wife, write and photograph people.  Did I also mention I’m the new Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo’s newly created Grand Traverse Region?  More evidence that not only am I a glutton for cookies, but I am also one for punishment.  But I digress.

I’m taking this course for a few reasons.  First, I love social science, I love research, I love learning and I love to be happy!  But, I also have a friend who noticed the fact I like others to be happy too and asked me to help them be happy.  Not being exactly sure how to do this in a non-arm chair sort of way, I decided to look around and found the course.   It’s free, its taught by some cool people at Berkley and I could get CE credits if I felt like paying.  Which I don’t.

I haven’t had time this week until now to go through the materials. I worked 3 nights along with my regular days, plus my husband has been gone for three weeks.  Therefore my time and energy have been lacking.  But tonight I sat down and began.

I’m really excited and I think this 10 week class is going to be great!  These are the few things I wrote down and I’ve only just begun week 1.  I will hopefully finish before week two is posted on Tuesday.

Happiness is found in actions that bring about the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people.


Compassion.  Practice compassion for others but also yourself.

So what are your thoughts on this?  Do you practice compassion for others and forget to give yourself the same courtesy?  Do you practice actions that can bring about happiness for others?

How do you define happiness and know that you are happy?

Lots to think about!  Good Night!


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