I am filled with a boiling rage.  If you don’t know why then read this and take your pick.

My Aussi friend asked me where I was going to flee.  At first I said I was going by way of Canada since I have friends who will take me in.  But then I said that I was not going to go (obviously we were joking) because we are massive.  We, all those of us who marched in the streets around this country, we are bigger.  We must fight, we have two years to to get our voice into a position of power.  So I stay and fight.  You fight too! Find your local political party and get involved, educate your friends and young people about inclusion and how to be an ally and how to just be a caring and compassionate individuals.

Fie is the word that screamed in my head.  It is used to register disgust or outrage, or in my case-both.  And I am angry.  So angry that I need to stop writing for fear of saying things out of emotion instead of intellect. I’ve already written and erased several ranting paragraphs.  So instead, I am going to remind you of this.  How we felt, what Obama gave us when he was elected.  Hope and inspiration.  We can still hold on to this. I think many of us agreed we became complacent once Obama made it in.  We took for granted that our country moved forward.  We couldn’t imagine it would fall backward so much.  So harshly.  So – constant vigilance, my friends.  Yes we can! Don’t give up.  We can do this!

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