Art of Tea (and friend ) Making 

It’s the end of our day – we are chilling and getting ready to head to bed.  We found ladies at DuPont Circle who are organizers for their state – they told us where Michigan was meeting up- and we got pictures.  Then we headed to the Women’s Democratic Clubhouse where we got free MakeContinue reading “Art of Tea (and friend ) Making “

What to do instead of the Inaguration

We weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we did a little soul searching and decided we want to do a service for others. Calling the local Methodist headquarters to see if they know of anything we can help with today.  Giving and serving is part of who I am and what I believeContinue reading “What to do instead of the Inaguration”

In Case of Tear Gas

I’m not going to D.C. to look for a literal fight, but I’ve heard there may be groups there trying to instigate violence. Lovely James O’Keef and his lot among others. So I’m prepared.  Visine, bandana and subglasses. Even though a former special forces dude assured me tear gas isn’t that bad- I’m going toContinue reading “In Case of Tear Gas”