Vast Sea of Humanity

We are the popular vote! 

What an amazing day! I don’t know what media is saying, but this is a vast movement of human beings fighting for human rights. And not just here. 

I don’t know the count yet, but it has got to have been over 500,000. Men, women, children, LGBTQ young, old, people of all color.  I don’t know what the media is saying about yesterday- but there was barely anyone here for Trump. It was pink hats everywhere. 

My cell signal was non existent but at one point an alert got through from WA Post saying the march was canceled due to the size of the crowd. Yeah- that didn’t happen. The march took over and headed past Trump’s Hotel (stopping to chant SHAME! and Booo!) then headed to the whitehouse. 

Everywhere- everywhere- people standing, marching and shouting for equality. 

Art of Tea (and friend ) MakingĀ 

It’s the end of our day – we are chilling and getting ready to head to bed. 

We found ladies at DuPont Circle who are organizers for their state – they told us where Michigan was meeting up- and we got pictures. 

Then we headed to the Women’s Democratic Clubhouse where we got free Make America Gracious again hats. There we ran into a woman who saw us talking to the bikers in Krispy Kreme. They were from Tennessee and we talked at length about what was next for our country. She had her young adult daughters with her, we told them they had an important role to play. 

Later we ran into some older ladies with Pussycat hats that seemed lost. They had just arrived from OK and were a tiny bit lost. A local woman came up to us, because of our hats, and offered to help us. She sent Oklahoma on their way and walked us to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner. We hugged and she went on her way. 

Our Moroccan waiter was so gracious and likable. He spent a great deal of time explaining to us the importance of making tea properly. Then we had some pretty amazing tea. The food was good as well. 

At the end of the day Sarah Jane said, “this has been a really great day!” Then caught herself and corrected, “and a really horrible day”.

All in all, all I’ve felt so far is copious amounts of love. Women & men all over the place wearing pink hats and waving from windows. Yelling hello and talking to us through their restaurant windows – showing off their shirts and thumbs upping our hats and buttons. This city is full of life and purpose, and hope too I think. 

(Below) Donkey display at the Dem Clubhouse 

Free poster from the Women’s Dem Clubhouse

Unsure if this Tom Foolery or a dire warning, but we saw this!

The little tea pot at the restaurant 

What to do instead of the Inaguration

We weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we did a little soul searching and decided we want to do a service for others. Calling the local Methodist headquarters to see if they know of anything we can help with today. 

Giving and serving is part of who I am and what I believe in. It’s what I want for our country. Serving the least of us. Giving to the needy. I feel that this is the polar opposite of what this incoming administration stands for. 


Made it to D.C.!!!

We didn’t have any trouble getting here. Before we made it to our garage we were stopped by some dudes in the car beside us. I rolled down the window, with some trepidation, until they raised their fist and yelled “My wife made me a sign that said-‘This is what a feminist looks like!'” We woohooed at each other. He came from Boston. We waved goodbye and made our way to the garage I’d reserved our parking at. 

Our host sent an Uber for us- first time in an Uber- and he took us to our temporary home in DuPont Circle. 

We are in for the night! All is safe and well. Maybe the National Geographic Museum tomorrow. We’ll see. We’re loose and free!

Love to all you!

Made it to PA

So far uneventful but full of great conversation. We did see a dude take our picture – for good or ill, your guess is as good as mine. I wanted to smile and wave but he quickly fell behind so I didn’t. But I did take his photo. 

We almost stopped in PA and grabbed a friend as we passed through but it wasn’t in the cards for today- but I’m pretty sure she’s joining us tomorrow!!

I heard a lady ask “where are we?” Which is a question I’ve been asking all day long. So I asked where she was going- bound for D.C. With some HS students who will be going to both the Inaguration and the march. I wished them luck. The check out woman cautioned me not to go tomorrow because I wouldn’t see anything. She chuckeled good naturedly but made a face when I said I was going the next day. 

Pit stop and back on the road. D.C. Or bust!!