Second Chance Key

SCKCoverHannah Brock is a mom on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Desperate to pull her crumbling world together she brings her small children to stay with her sisters at their strange lake house.

While there the unwitting children stumble into a dark fearful and unknown realm filled with dangers and loss. Will their Mother be able to pull herself together enough to help them or will they be lost forever?


Lodestone: The Wander Glimly Chronicles

Follow Me Down to the Red Oak Tree by James Vincent McMorrow.  The song Wander sings with Will at Open Mic night.

17-year-old Wander Glimly is just your normal every day frustrated and crabby teenager.  In spite of her father’s disappearance and living with her emotionally absent mother, her life is otherwise normal.

But Wander will soon discover that she is anything but normal.  Will she figure out the mystery of the small town before it’s too late?  And even more important, will she learn the secrets that her mother has been keeping from her all these years?


Glory remembers nothing of her life, as far as she is concerned, her life began at the moment she was murdered.  She feels doomed to wander the city forever but a freak incident brings her to a human Detective and the possibility of finding out who she is, solve her murder and hopefully to finally be free.

Coming 2015

What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

I would write.  With abandon.  I would give an ample notice at work and then I would finish editing Second Chance Key while taking breaks to write Earthbound.  I would finish writing and polish three books in 2014.  I would take naps.  I would actually fold the laundry I washed and maybe even put it away.  I would kiss my kids when they went off to school and then I would go to a cafe and write.  Write for hours with my headphones on and my mind in my story.

I would write.