Black is the Colour…

I LOVE music.  Love it.  It inspires me, it helps evoke emotions and the right song can help me get into the head of a character.  I always create music playlists for whatever I’m writing and that playlist is what I listen to when I write.  If I don’t listen to music when I write I get easily distracted and constantly mumble and talk to myself.  It’s pretty obnoxious to everyone who isn’t me.  So I listen to music.  And sometimes sing along, sorry.

Today Black is the Colour, sung by Cara Dillon, played on my iPhone while it was on shuffle.  This song is from my Earthbound story and something I haven’t listened to in about a year.  I immediately took me back to my main character, Glory and right back into her head.  It made me nostalgic for her and her story.  I’ve been focusing so much on editing finished projects that I haven’t had time to work on finishing Earthbound.

My friend, you’ll find her here, demanded I finish Earthbound right away so she could work on the screenplay.  I want SO badly to get everything together, finished and published (self-published of course-who has the time to look for an agent/publisher?) that I just haven’t had any time to devote to it.  I’m sure I’m a massive disappointment to my friend.  Actually, she’s too busy hiking the mountains to notice so I’ll just keep banking on that to distract her.

Tonight I decided I’m going to work on a schedule for writing and editing that is feasible and planned.  That way when I come home at 8pm, get the kids showered and in bed and it’s 9pm and I still haven’t eaten, I’ll at least know when I’ll be able to write.  And I’ll beat up myself less for not writing on days like today.  Cuz by 9pm on a day like today, I’m fried.  I’m so ready to not be a single parent anymore (counting down till June when the hubz gets back).

Therefore, I will write tomorrow.  And I will write Friday afternoons…even if I want to take a nap instead.  I should also be able to write Monday nights.  So that is my writing plan.  M,W, Fri and weekends when I can.

How do any working parents with kids who participate in activities EVER do anything they themselves enjoy?  That is a whole other topic.

While you ponder how your day job and children ruins all your fun, Please enjoy the music from the soundtrack of the future hit movie Earthbound 😉

(interesting side note.  This song originated or was first attributed to the Appalachian region of the U.S. -in 1915 but most likely originated from Scotland.  It’s an old folksong with much history.  Please enjoy)


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