Friendsanity! Friendship Friday

Studies consistently report that people with perceived supportive social networks are happier people.

Since I was 14, my BFF was one of the most important people in my life. Friendship has always been super important to me and I think I have established a great network of really great friends. Friends who know what friendship means (not a lot of people know how to be a good friend). Many don’t know each other but that’s quite all right. If they did they might like each other better than me 😉

My Friendships have often kept me sane through various life crises. Well, friendship AND Amanda Palmer. They seriously have held me together during mid meltdown and injected me with metaphorical Xanax. Without them I’m not sure what I would do.

Which brings me to my first photo. A friend of mine has been Twitter Stalking Amanda Palmer and her awesome author husband Neil Gaiman on my behalf. Yesterday as I was browsing Neil’s FB page I got a text in reference to this Tweet


OH MY GOD!!! Neil Gaiman electronically WAVED AT ME!!! Me!!! Crazy nobody me!!! He is seriously a terrific writer. Check him out.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, earlier in the day another friend passed this note to his coworker that I have a Friend Crush on.


Friendship is a really great thing and hard to find once you become an adult. So I’m really lucky to have suck awesome friends. Please send a note to those people that make your life better and tell them you love them.

2 thoughts on “Friendsanity! Friendship Friday

  1. Love NG, that is very cool; and love the friendship note. Anyone who takes the time to make a creative heart “circle” would seem worthy of a friend crush!


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