Importance of Goodbye

sayingbyeLast week was my first week of work and I have to say I was a bit worried.  Not that I couldn’t do the job but that I couldn’t do the job while being a mom and essentially being a single mom.  By Thursday morning I wondered to my husband if I had done the right thing by leaving my old place of employment.  He reassured me I had absolutely done the right thing, that I would be doing work that mattered and work for someone that appreciated me.  Not having my nights and weekends ruined by some work situation would be priceless, he told me.  But I was still unsure.

But Thursday happened to be the day I actually was able to work with people in the capacity I was hired.  Previous to Thursday it was all a lot of reading.  Thursday I had a meeting with a woman who was incredibly pleasant and super excited about her role with the organization.  She even knew my sister and about my side photography work.  It began to turn things around.

My old company happened to be having their annual conference on the same day.  I began the annual conference about four years ago and coordinated much of the efforts.  This year I got much of the logistics figured out but when I gave notice they passed the role to another and that was fine.  But I was having a hard time knowing that all these people around the country that I considered friends, were so close by and I wouldn’t see them.  See, my old company didn’t let me say goodbye.  Not really.  They asked that I not tell anyone I was leaving until my last day, so on my last day I wrote a preapproved carefully worded message saying goodbye. People well wished me and said congratulations but then the company abruptly removed the post and removed me from the group towards the end of my last day.  So I was a little sad and more than a lot resentful.  The bitterness was suffocating me.

Then everything changed!  I went to meet one of my old photographers for dinner Thursday night and with him he brought a handful of people and I was able to hug them.  Giving them  hugs and telling them goodbye meant the world to me.  All my angry bitter sad feelings went away because I got to have closure.  I wanted more than anything for them to know I still loved them and that I would miss them and I think they do.  That’s important to me because I REALLY cared about these people.

So Thursday was a tipping point for me.  It tipped me from an unsure and worried mom with a sudden rush of bad skin, to a relieved and happy mom (that is still recovering from previously mentioned bout of stress induced zits).

How lucky I am that I have something that makes saying goodbye hard.  Until we meet again my friends!


8 thoughts on “Importance of Goodbye

  1. Whoa, that was really shitty of your former organization if you don’t mind my saying. I’m really glad you’re out of there.


    1. Thanks Liz, it was very disappointing indeed. I had asked if I could say something on the day before my last day so I could at least have a chance to respond to people, but I was told no. Basically told that my quitting equated to me not caring about them and that it was a contradiction.


  2. We will really miss you Jacque!!! Always remember that if you let someone else make you feel bad then you have given all power and control to them. You can do this! It is very hard to be a working mom with a husband that has a work schedule that doesn’t let them help. I am right there with you and the mommy guilt can creep in easily. A good manager will always get help to be more efficient. You are the manager of your life, so don’t ever apologize for asking for help and call me if you need to vent! 🙂


    1. Thanks Patty! I definitely picking brains on how to do the family/life balance so I welcome any tips. Mother guilt abounds lol! I’m thinking there will be a huge slow down in the summer and hopefully I’ll be acclimated when the crazy season begins in Sept.


  3. Tipping points can be good. I think I’m weird in that I actually like change (sometimes). So happy that I got to meet you finally! Even more happy that I got to play a small part in you getting rid of any bad feelings that you might have. If you’ve done your best and feel that you made the right decisions for you and your family, there’s no reason to look back. Onward and upward! WE will all be fine, even though we will miss you. All the best to you Jacque!


    1. Brett, you were my lament! I kept telling everyone that I was SO bummed I wasn’t going to get to meet you after all this time. I was so happy to get Dale’s text. 🙂


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