Made it to PA

So far uneventful but full of great conversation. We did see a dude take our picture – for good or ill, your guess is as good as mine. I wanted to smile and wave but he quickly fell behind so I didn’t. But I did take his photo. 

We almost stopped in PA and grabbed a friend as we passed through but it wasn’t in the cards for today- but I’m pretty sure she’s joining us tomorrow!!

I heard a lady ask “where are we?” Which is a question I’ve been asking all day long. So I asked where she was going- bound for D.C. With some HS students who will be going to both the Inaguration and the march. I wished them luck. The check out woman cautioned me not to go tomorrow because I wouldn’t see anything. She chuckeled good naturedly but made a face when I said I was going the next day. 

Pit stop and back on the road. D.C. Or bust!! 


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