Focus on Friendship

I came across this oh so lovely song a few weeks ago. It’s Old Friend by Sea Wolf and quite frankly I have no idea how I even found this song, but when I listened to it I had a tad bit of a hard time not crying.

You see, I have a history of my friends moving away. Since I was in High School my favorite people have moved away from me. It started with my very best friend the summer before our senior year of High School and it happened most recently when two of my friends moved in the last two years. The year before that my neighbor and friend who I love like a sister moved at the same time a co-worker and friend moved to California and then a few months after that my wonderful friend and co-worker was laid off and might as well have moved to Alaska for how much I get to see her with our busy working mom schedules.  Lots of people seem to move away from here.  You all know who you are (insert stink eye)

These words:
“Old friend come back home
Even though you always were alone
You had to push against the faiths

Just to make it
Make it through the day”

made me ache for two friends in particular. One who only lived here for a few years alone with her two boys. I was alone a lot as well and our boys were friends so we would just take each others kids sometimes. If I could tell by the look on her face that she was having a bad day, I’d take her kids with me and let her have an afternoon to herself. She had to be “on”  all the time, I only had to be “on” a lot.

And she was the person I went to if I needed someone to take my boys. They are a handful and I don’t often feel like I can hoist them on a lot of people. When my sister had her stroke and they thought she might die, she would have been who I called for help with the kids so I could be there. I love and miss her.

So I sent this song to her and made her cry, almost made myself cry again. I assured her it wasn’t PMS before I sent it.  She often jokes that is why i sometimes get all verklempt when I think about her.

I also sent it to my old neighbor/friend because I miss her all the time too and she used to be someone I saw every day. She moved two hours a way and I get to see her maybe once a year. Stupid, I know. Two hours isn’t very far.

Even though I’m a little used to missing people, I’ve been missing my best friend since 1994, it’s still hard for me to recover after they leave.

I think it is really hard to find and make good friends. I find that a lot of people don’t really know how to be friends. So when you find them, they’re like gold and you should never ever lose them. You keep them close and hold them tight and always always love and remember them.  Each day when I drop my kids off at school I tell them I love them and to be a good friend today.  I hope they listen. And I hope you enjoy the song.

(my good friend/co-worker/mightaswellliveinAlaska friend gave me the topic idea – I was feeling uninspired.  Thanks friend!)

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