Boy oh boy have I been busy.  Day Job requires a lot more time than I expected but I enjoy it so it’s okay I guess.

What I’ve been up to – well, I’ve finished a side project I was working on.  That has been submitted and approve, so that is exciting!

Now that that is off my plate I am back to editing Second Chance Key.  It takes almost an hour to edit one chapter and I’m only on chapter 7 of 20 something!  I have a lot of work ahead of me in that respect.  But I’m feeling excited to get this finalized and out for publishing.

I will be looking for some beta readers for Second Chance Key at the end of June (goodness please people, hold me to this deadline!).  So if you are interested in being a Beta Reader let me know.

What do I require of my Beta Readers?

  • Read my book in a reasonable amount of time (like two-three weeks)
  • Provide content feedback and info about Plot Holes
  • Let me know if I missed a typo or grammar issue

What do you get in return for being a beta reader?  I’ll let you keep your proof copy and will love you forever.  Loving someone forever is a big honor so keep that in mind.

I hope everyone out there is enjoy their world, the sun that has finally come to visit us in Northern Michigan and the upcoming holiday weekend.

Stay safe!




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