Music Monday on Thursday

I’m a pretty humble gal.  I am not very good at taking compliments, I sort of dismiss them unless i’m mindful enough to remember a simple “thank you” will suffice.  But there is one thing I will brag about.  I’ll go on and on about.  I would venture to call myself a music evangelist.  I pride myself on is my good taste in music.  Music helps me feel good, helps me write and helps me sleep.  I’m lost without it.

I have had people WAAAAY cooler than I tell me that they don’t have access to cool music without me.  I have mailed CD’s across country to remedy that.   “Who uses CDs anymore” a young twenty-something asked me.  Well, probably older 30 somethings who use iTunes and don’t know how to get around copyright issues.  We need the CDs. But I digress.

So I thought that a gift I would give to someone who happened upon my blog on Mondays (except for this Thursday, just pretend it is Monday) would be the gift of a good song. Now, I can’t actually gift it to you, but i can gift you the momentary pleasure of listening to the song, enjoying the song and then maybe later you will purchase the song.

After 10 or so weeks I’ll burn all of the Music Monday songs onto a CD and have a giveaway.  YAY!  Giveaways are super fun!

Without further ado, today’s song is When I Grow Up by First Aid Kit.  First Aid is made up of two sisters that have magical sounding folksy voices.  Very singer/songwriter.  So sit back, close your eyes and take a listen.  Let me know what you think!

I confess… I love 80’s Europop! Shhhhh… you didn’t see this. Move along, nothing to see here, nothing to see.

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