The Importance of Stories

This year is the year I decided I’m going to make it happen.  Make writing happen.  I’ve written stories since I can remember, since I was in grade school.  I crave to tell stories and to live vicariously through my characters.  What I cannot do, they can.

My character Glory from Earthbound came from the sense of helplessness and sadness I felt when I heard horrible stories on the news.  Things that would make me want to wash my brain and forget forever.  I couldn’t undo what happened to those people, women…worst of all, children.  So I created her, and she would find a way to save them.

We all tell ourselves stories, we tell ourselves stories to cope, to entertain…it’s a part of life.

“He still loves me,” “Someday I’ll be famous”, “and they lived happily ever after.”  We do this all the time and may not even realize it.

My friend, a high school counselor, she finds herself worrying about the kids after they leave her.  Will they be ok?  Will they “make it”?  So I tell her their story.  I tell how they start college and struggle but get help, that they make really great friends and find people that become a family to them.  How they meet a partner that really loves them and gives them stability.  And how they make it.  Without stories we lose hope.

After telling stories for as long as I can remember, and three successful NaNoWriMo I decided I needed to get serious.  In spite of working full time, having three children and a husband that works a whole lot, I have to make time for it.  I have to require it.

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