Done and On to the Next

Last night after my husband I were incapable of watching Bad Grandpa (we just couldn’t do it) I decided to do more editing for Second Chance Key. I surprised myself and finished going through the edits and am now farming it off to beta readers.

After I get some initial feedback I may approach a book club to read and respond. I want to have all my rewrites done by October 1 so I’m not certain I’ll have that month a book club will take to read it.

I think if I can get around five to seven beta readers then that may be enough. I hope.

So what’s next? Well on to rewrites for Lodestone. I have a good sized bug list from my meeting with readers a few months ago and now I need to immerse myself in the world of Wander Glimly.

Consecutively I will be going through my 2012 NaNo book about Jora. I reached my fifty thousand words but the story isn’t finished. But that might be a little much :).

So there you have my update. I hope it finds you well. And sorry for the lack of eloquence, I wrote this on my phone :).

One last thing. I always require a photo so here is my new writing desk. It is an old sewing table minus the machine. The framed image is an artist rendition of Amanda Palmer, compliments from some friends. Amanda via a Dresden Dolls song, makes an appearance in the book. I’m not a stalker, just a product evangelist.

. 20140728-093921-34761059.jpg