Lodestone: The Wander Glimly Chronicles

Follow Me Down to the Red Oak Tree by James Vincent McMorrow.  The song Wander sings with Will at Open Mic night.


Wander is just your normal every day frustrated and angsty teenage girl. In spite of her father disappearing when she was young and living with an emotionally absent mother with the habit of running away, her life is otherwise normal. Until her mother moves her to a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where mysterious things start happening.  Girls are disappearing, the ones that are found are stuck in a strange coma-like state with no explainable cause.

Will Black, a young blacksmith, enters her world and things get even more complicated and strange.

All Wander wants is to graduate high school and go to college with her best friend Hazel.  A normal life. Unfortunately she will soon discover that she is the furthest thing from normal. Will she figure out the mystery of the small town before it’s too late? And even more important, learn the secrets that her mother has been keeping from her all these years.

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