Finding Time to Write

Finding time to write is one of my biggest challenges.  Too many other commitments pulling at my legs… oh, wait, those are the kids.  But seriously, with working full time, having the three kids, my husband working downstate a few nights a week (and every other weekend) and the periodic photography jobs… it’s tough.


That is how I found myself cursing at midnight last night because I had stayed up WAY too late.  I’m already sleep deprived and getting sick, the last thing I needed was to stay up till midnight.  But, I was writing and I got distracted.  I ended up writing over 4000 words last night!  I think it was worth it, my body disagrees.

But it wasn’t my fault!  Yesterday during the day I listened to a great podcast from Dead Robot Society.  One of the hosts yelled at me to write, even if it is just 250 words, just write dammit!  There really isn’t a reason not to write.  So I did… I just didn’t stop.  I blame the Robots!

However tired I am, forcing myself to write every day is a great habit to get into and one of the reasons I love NaNoWriMo so much.  You practically need to write every day to finish on time.  But unfortunately that also means that no laundry gets folded in November.  My spouse is a saint. But I do end up writing an entire novel.  The bones at least.

How do you find time to write?  Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Finding Time to Write

  1. I’ve certainly ignored the laundry in order to write – this week and others. I’ve also got a mother’s helper 2 nights a week and now ask her to feed my girls dinner and unload/load the dishwasher for me so I can use that time to write. (I eat later those nights, when my husband finally gets home). I have no idea how I’ll survive the summer, though!


    1. After Jim got transferred 1.5 hrs away he got me a girl to clean 2 hours a week. Having a little bit of help makes the biggest difference!


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