Glory remembers nothing of her life, as far as she is concerned, her life began at the moment she was murdered.  She feels doomed to wander the city forever but a freak incident brings her to a human Detective and the possibility of finding out who she is, solve her murder and hopefully to finally be free.

Coming 2015

What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

I would write.  With abandon.  I would give an ample notice at work and then I would finish editing Second Chance Key while taking breaks to write Earthbound.  I would finish writing and polish three books in 2014.  I would take naps.  I would actually fold the laundry I washed and maybe even put it away.  I would kiss my kids when they went off to school and then I would go to a cafe and write.  Write for hours with my headphones on and my mind in my story.

I would write.